ReturnGlass - The IMS Scraper Conveyor

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The IMS Scraper Conveyor is the ultimate in hot glass transfer technology, designed to offer the end user a reliable labour saving alternative to cullet recycling. The IMS Scraper embraces mining technology to offer the perfect solution to cullet handling with a proven track record in glass plants world-wide.

glass_scraper (14K)

The IMS Scraper has the following unparalleled benefits:

  • 3 to 5 Years typically between replacement of chain and sprockets
  • 2-year warranty on chain and sprockets
  • Unique hardwearing transition guides which eliminate the need for a transition roller. Since their introduction in 1998 there has not been one instance where a guide has had to be replaced
  • Special steel base that avoids all of the problems associated with Basalt Tiles

The conveyors are available in two sizes with capacities of up to 480 Tonnes per day. The IMS Scraper has the following features:

  • Heavy duty mining chain and sprockets
Chain, flight and sprocket Connector Link
  • External bearings to give extended life
  • Durable flight bars with hard surfaced edges
  • Specially designed wear resistant base
glass_base (10K)
  • Hydraulic tensioning
glass_hydraulic (7K)
  • Optional top decks to increase gob cooling time
  • Optional bottle sinkers
  • Flexibility. We offer a bespoke design service for clients with non-standard requirements. One such project is illustrated below.
Bespoke system

The end user specified that

  • the conveyor be low maintenance
  • the product be cooled to a set temperature
  • the conveyor must be moveable in times of key maintenance

IMS satisfied all three criteria by introducing special heat resistant nitrile seals, extended sides to provide a greater volume of water and a special wheeled frame.

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