IMS acquired the "UMM" (Underground Mining Machinery) range of products in 2000. The UMM range includes chain conveyors, lifting stations (both pneumatic and hydraulic), chain tensioners, material and man riding cars, AFC's and sizers. Equipment has been sold to companies in the UK, Germany, Turkey, USA, Canada, India. The UMM product range is typically robust by nature and can be used in most environments.

Multiflex conveyor

Feeder breaker at Salt Union (Cheshire)

mine_multi (25K) mine_breaker (22K)

The IMS Feeder Breaker is used to reduce the size of mineral near to the winning face. The Breaker is proven on materials up to a compressive strength of 26,000 lbs/sq inch and at its peak can break 1000 tonnes of material per hour. Features included hardened cast sprockets, mining type chain, hydraulic tensioning, central greasing, 125hp drive via fluid coupling on the crusher. The customer benefits by having lower maintenance, longer life for his chain, sprockets and bearings and lower downtime.

Chain tensioner

mine_chain (7K)

IMS Hydraulic Chain Tensioners are designed to be more compact and give greater reliability. The Tensioner can be regulated to provide a known pre-tension to the conveyor chain during chain coupling, thereby eliminating over tension and the associated wear to the chain, sprockets and bearings, which results so often in costly breakdown. Available in a range of sizes to fit gearboxes from 120hp to 600hp the new Tensioner when fitted to a gearbox with extended input shaft, replaces the fluid coupling housing, thereby providing a more simple and compact unit.